Sea Otter Cam

Sea Otter Cam

We're #WildforOtters! Are you? Calling all otter fans! Want to watch cute sea otters romp, wrestle and play every day of the year? We've partnered with our friends at to bring you daily cuteness by way of this otterly adorable live cam.

Don't see any otters? They'll be back, but until then enjoy the coastal views and perhaps even a dock full of Sea Lions! is dedicated to raising awareness about California's threatened sea otters, and is home of the world's first HD live video stream of southern sea otters in the wild.

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  • California‚Äôs southern sea otter has been listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act since 1977.
  • Sea otters play a vital role in the health and stability of the nearshore marine ecosystem as a keystone species.
  • Sea otter fur is the densest of any mammal at approximately 1 million hairs per square inch. (We have 100K hairs on our entire head.)
  • Sea otters often rest together in groups called rafts. They're known to wrap themselves up in kelp to keep from drifting out to sea.
  • Sea otters can hold their breath up to 5 minutes and have been known to dive to depths of over 300 feet while foraging.
  • Sea otters eat urchins & other invertebrates that graze on giant kelp. No sea otters, no kelp forests.


Watch these cute sea otters romp, wrestle and play!

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